Venture Atlanta 2012 Day Two Recap

Venture Atlanta 2012 wrapped up today with another strong session of keynote speakers and startup pitches. Jonathan Bush of athenahealth gave the most entertaining talk of the show outlining many of the absurdities of the healthcare system in the U.S. as well as how health IT is progressing (Atlanta is the health IT capital of the world).

Here are the startups that pitched today:

Open Solutions for Education

  • OpenSIS – student information systems software
  • OpenIntel – academic analytics and reporting
  • Open source model with a free core product and paid add-ons
  • $8 per student per year for paid edition
  • Raising $3M Series A

  • Service catalog suite software
  • End-to-end business process management software
  • Imagine employee onboarding and the 25 steps that need to be completed — this software enforces the process across departments
  • Customers include Wal Mart, Medo, and many more
  • Works with multiple backend systems unlike many competitors

LSN Mobile

  • Mobile marketing and commerce opportunity
  • $9M in revenue for 2012
  • Raised $1.2M
  • Provides a mobile ad network
  • Carriers are looking for additional revenue streams


  • What’s your data telling you?
  • Patented solution that connects that dots of what’s going on
  • Look for pattern detection to identify gangs, fraud, etc
  • Boom in big data is a driver
  • Customers across a number of verticals including classified government agencies
  • Raised $5M
  • Raising $10 – $15M


  • Platform to create applications and sell on the store
  • Founders of Constructware and Compliance360
  • Design, construction, and facility operations
  • Intercompany data exchange and workflow
  • kStore is where 3rd parties post applications for sale
  • Raised $7.5M
  • Raising $3 – $5M in Q1 2013


  • 50 customers
  • Software to power required continuing education programs to associations
  • Learning desktop that brings together multiple apps
  • SaaS model at $25k/year with 2-3 year contracts
  • Raising $3 – $5M to expand sales and marketing


  • The power of when and where
  • Patented population analytics
  • 15 billion location data points per day
  • 25 employees in Atlanta
  • Transportation planning, target marketing, site selection
  • Raising $5 – $10M

Meeting Consultants

  • Growing over 20% per year
  • Optimize return on event marketing spend
  • Software and services to put on marketing events
  • Managed over 10,000 events and $260M in spend
  • Raising $5M

Delta Data

  • Solutions provider to mutual fund industry
  • 50 employees
  • Grew out of a CPA firm
  • Solve inefficiencies around securities processing and data management
  • Help meet compliance mandates and mitigate risk for mutual funds
  • Raising $7 – $10M

Pretty in My Pocket

  • Free, social, mobile app that enables brands and retailers to drive purchase decisions inside the store
  • Consumer, brand, and retailer have pain points
  • Beauty has 1/10th of the retail space in Walgreens
  • Content, reviews, perks, redemption, analytics
  • Raising $750k


  • Pay for performance in healthcare is growing
  • Difficult for healthcare providers to measure performance
  • Declarative classification, semantic understanding, normalization
  • Greater need for clinical analytics for outcomes analysis
  • Raising seed round

Safely Locked

  • SaaS tool for security of business data
  • SafelySendIt -secure web-based “courier” service
  • SafelyShareIt – secure “dropbox” for collaboration
  • All browser based with no plugins
  • Raising $3M Series A

Monocle Health Data

  • Healthcare price and quality for chronic illness
  • Lot of disparity in price and quality with healthcare
  • 13.5% of hospital patients experience and adverse event
  • Gold seal of joint commission doesn’t mean the hospital is good at a specific illness
  • High deductible health plans are the fastest growing
  • Aggregate multiple data sources and apply 72 quality indicators
  • $4 per employee per month

Message Gears

  • Hybrid email service provider
  • Four employees
  • On-premise power, cloud convenience
  • Behind the firewall so it has the most complete access to company data
  • Email sending is actually from the cloud after the emails have been
  • assembled behind the firewall
  • Raising $1M Series A


  • Sensing the world
  • Wireless system that’s cheap and able to send data a long distance
  • Difficult to monitor and know where water is due to need to conserve water
  • 55% of U.S. has a moderate to severe drought
  • 200 billion gallons of water used every day
  • Only 9% of farmers measure the water in the soil
  • $150k in grants
  • Raising $500k seed round


  • Web performance management software
  • Help companies build more efficient and faster apps
  • Slow loading sites are a real business problem
  • Slow loading pages on an ecommerce result in potential customers leaving
  • Amazon did a study that 1/10th of a second slow down results in a loss of 1% of revenue
  • Tempur-Pedic used Rigor to increase average order size 14% by decreasing load time by 1.5 seconds

Lucena Research

  • Scientific investment strategies
  • Tech for hedge funds and other sophisticated investors
  • Proprietary decision support technology
  • Design and validate investment strategies
  • QuantDesk for $1,000/seat/month
  • Raised $400k
  • Raising $1M


  • The enterprise of Excels
  • Last great business process management challenge: spreadsheets
  • Hybrid server that runs on premise or in the cloud
  • Imposes workflow that’s specific to spreadsheets
  • Apparity360 – enterprise visibility, process automation, content analytics, and user control


  • Sales people suffer from a lack of fundamental understanding of prospects
  • Knowing the customer inside and out
  • 30% of sales reps time spent looking for info
  • Each sales reps gets custom stream of news and alerts on companies they sell to
  • Like a digital newspaper about the contacts in the CRM
  • Job changes are some of the best data for sales reps to act on
  • 3 million sales professionals

Venture Atlanta 2012 was a big success again. Allyson Eman is the behind-the-scenes force and should be applauded for all her great work.

I’m looking forward to Venture Atlanta 2013.

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