Key Items for an Effective Coworking Space

Last week a friend approached me and confirmed the issue raised in the Coworking Conundrum for Startups Slacking post. He had previously worked in a coworking space for several months and said the distraction challenges, both in a big communal area as well as other entrepreneurs not working hard, are very real. I then asked more questions about what he liked, and didn’t like, with the co-working experience.

Here are some key items for an effective co-working space:

  • Super fast, plentiful bandwidth
  • Amazing coffee
  • Great chairs
  • Multiple sitting areas (desks, standing desks, lounge chairs, etc)
  • Bright natural light
  • Private conference rooms and phone booths (super small conference rooms for phone calls — no phone calls in the large communal room)
  • Easy parking/transportation options with 24/7 access

Coworking spaces continue to grow in popularity and are perfect for creative professionals that want to be around other people while working in a productive environment.

What else? What are some other key items for an effective coworking space?

6 thoughts on “Key Items for an Effective Coworking Space

  1. One of the biggest challenges at TechStars and when we worked at Pardot was having confidence that we could reserve a conference room or phone booth when we needed it. At ATDC we are at least confident that one closed door room will always be available if we need privacy for team interaction or to make important phone calls. Many times, having to share room resources was challenging…even to the point where I’d prefer one small dedicated room to 3-4 larger shared options.

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