What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Recently I was talking to an entrepreneur-turned-investor and he asked me the question “what makes a successful entrepreneur?” After thinking about it for a minute, several characteristics came to mind.

Here are a few things that make for a successful entrepreneur:

  • Extreme resourcefulness
  • Strong work ethic
  • Excellent team building
  • Clear vision

Did I include money or book smarts as a pre-requisite for a successful entrepreneur? Nope. Those things can help, but it’s much more important to have the four characteristics listed above.

What else? What other some other items that make a successful entrepreneur?

8 thoughts on “What makes a successful entrepreneur?

  1. I believe these are critical to accomplishment:
    – Flexibility: you have to learn and adjust along the way. Set a downfield target and be open to change along the way
    – Focus: for entreprenuers, multiple ideas can turn into multiple business opportunities. Going back to a previous post, you have to say no to every opportunity it’s and focus on ones you feel passionate about.

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