The Power of Serendipitous Interactions and Startup Communities

One of the oft repeated phrases for healthy startup communities is that there needs to be serendipitous interactions. The idea with serendipitous interactions is that you never know what relationships, introductions, or advice will help and the more collisions, the better. Confession: I didn’t really appreciate this concept until being able to experience it first-hand at the Atlanta Tech Village.

Prior to ATV, my world was more controlled with regular EO and YPO events once or twice a quarter as well as one-on-one intro meetings a couple times per week via intros from friends. Now, I’m randomly meeting people in the Village several times a week just by being a member of the community and, of course, doing my best to pay it forward. People share, people connect, and people are able to accomplish more faster with the help of others.

Serendipitous interactions are vital to a healthy startup community to increase the number and quality of relationships. I’ve now experienced it over the past 30 days and I’m a believer.

What else? What are your thoughts on the power of serendipitous interactions and startup communities?

3 thoughts on “The Power of Serendipitous Interactions and Startup Communities

  1. “At Pixar . . . (Steve) Jobs insisted that everyone work in the same building. Then he insisted that everyone be forced to go through the atrium, because he wanted all of the different cultures at Pixar to interact constantly. He put the gift store and the mailboxes there, and the coffee shop and the cafeteria, and then, of course, in a stroke of genius, he put the only bathrooms in the studios in the atrium. Because if there’s one place we all have to go every day, it’s the bathroom. I spent a lot of time at Pixar, and they talked about how annoying it was, at first, to have to walk five minutes to pee. But then, again and again, I heard stories about these breakthroughs in the bathroom, the epiphanies that came while employees were washing their hands and striking up random conversations.”


  2. I completely agree! Serendipitous interactions spark collaborative efforts, sharing of knowledge and ideas, and the opportunity to meet someone new every week. It is more exciting than the typical “office” and keeps things interesting around the village. It has encouraged business and personal relationships and just a fun, new way to network!

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