Atlanta Startup Riot 2013 Presenting Company Notes

Today we had another great Startup Riot in Atlanta. The way it works is that 450+ people get together to hear 40 startups give a three minute pitch followed by two minutes of Q&A from two judges. At the end of the event three winners are selected for prizes and glory.


  • Turn information into knowledge
  • Get credit for what you read
  • Humans crave feedback
  • Keeps track of what you’re read
  • Can push recommended content you haven’t read


  • 10+ million people with 1099 income
  • Able to capture more receipts
  • Take a picture of a receipt on your phone
  • Less cost for tax prep and get more deductions
  • iPhone app

Spensa Technologies

  • Agribusiness
  • Problem: $20B/yr crop loss
  • $4.5B/yr on insecticide
  • Insect populations drive decisions
  • Sticky trap catches insects and then they’re counted to make insecticide decision
  • Product: automated insect monitoring using z-traps
  • Web-connected software
  • Visualizaion and management tool for insect monitoring activities

Campus Bubble

  • One community for student, faculty, and administrators
  • Facebook fails as a closed university community
  • Relevant discussion, events students actually like, deals, etc


  • Bars usually have a juke box or the bartender/employee controls it
  • Music app controls a web service that interfaces with a computer in the bar that interfaces with the local speakers
  • Pay to play and more interactive

College Canvas

  • Student debt topped $1 trillion
  • An online market for students to sell handmade items
  • Like Etsy for college student made stuff


  • Like moneyball for talent management
  • Improved profit through reduced turnover
  • Battle between fast growing tech companies
  • Psychological characteristics help determine effectiveness in a role
  • Social application with personality tests
  • Behavioral model and motivations model

Agency Spotter

  • Quick, painless, and easy to find the right creative agency
  • $760B is spent annually on agencies
  • 560k agencies across the globe
  • Better way to find an agency
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Charge money to the agencies to be listed


  • Interactive technology for science education
  • Real world problem-solving skills
  • 3d game engines to learn skills
  • Real-time assessment of skills
  • $3/student/year


  • You are greater than the sum of your social graph
  • Social media assumes you are defined by your friends
  • Detect taste preferences from people
  • Help e-commerce companies make personally relevant product recommendations
  • Looking for B2C companies that need an analytics partner
  • Travel, restaurants, and fashion are the first three

Mr. Arlo

  • New way to plan and book travel online
  • 80% of travel is booked by women
  • Uses social networks to see what travel options friends like
  • Travel taste graph


  • Github for science
  • Make it easy for scientists to share
  • Easy to publish and share in under 5 minutes
  • Assigns an individual ID to each change a researcher makes
  • $6 billion market for software for scientific collaboration

Guardian Watch

  • 911 is broken
  • Enable first responders and citizens to save lives
  • Mobile app to live stream video from the scene of an emergency
  • Sell to emergency responders


  • Solve inefficiency in managing medical imaging data
  • Images from CT scans and MRIs
  • CDs and DVDs are currently used
  • Cloud-based storage solution
  • Browser-based DICOM data viewer (comes from CT scans)
  • Web-based image uploader
  • Software that sits on network or desktop to sync files
  • 1/3 of worldwide image storage is for medical data


  • Facebook’s events page wasn’t cutting
  • Social network for social people
  • Keep track of social life by instantly sharing plans with friends
  • Combines Facebook’s API and Foursquare’s API


  • Connect students with mentors, alumni, and employers
  • Students document career goals and what they’ve accomplished
  • Digital portfolios
  • Addressing the skills gap


  • Local. Mobile. Deals.
  • Local discovery and deals
  • Raising $350k

Ten Eight

  • Commercial real estate mobile app
  • Tour books are standard issue print outs of the buildings to be toured
  • Buildings are judged on feel and complicated spreadsheets
  • It’s a tour book app plus rating system
  • Data analytics on tours
  • Ability to tell building owners about competitive set, ratings, and notes


  • 80% of schools use mobile devices in the classroom
  • 46 of 50 states teach against common standards
  • End-to-end digital assessment solution
  • Assessments and assignments administered on mobile devices
  • Paperless and personalized learning
  • $3 billion market
  • Freemium subscription business model
  • Per student per subject per year fees


  • Most people don’t where they stand to improve their financial profile
  • Financial uncertainty leads to fear and stress and then to budgeting
  • App that makes it easy to compare your financial metrics against peers and provide insight
  • Generates a score about your financial health
  • Gives recommendations like cheaper credit cards, get a cheaper car, etc
  • Pre financial manner app


  • The best deals in town
  • Offers platform with feedback
  • 10 – 50% off combined with getting feedback surveys from customers
  • Text code based to mobile phones
  • Trying to create next gen Yelp with the survey feedback component


  • Wholesale rental marketplace
  • VRBO is good but takes up more time than outsourcing to vacation rental company
  • List for free on the site
  • Property manager has access to inventory and can diversify their risk


  • Social mobile platform to make it easy to connect people in participatory sports
  • Apply the concept of meetups to participatory sports
  • Registration and sign-in app as well as social app


  • Ability to scale app is a major challenge
  • Testing the cloud from the cloud
  • Load testing application
  • Benchmarking against the competition

  • Lead gen marketer platform
  • Conversion optimized pages
  • Intelligent lead forms
  • Advanced lead hygiene
  • DIY integrations

Iron Gaming

  • 156 million gamers in the US
  • 64 million ages 2-17
  • No centralized scorekeeping
  • Improves online gaming
  • for gamers
  • Sports Center for gamers


  • Cloud-based TV service for doctor offices
  • 30 min average wait time at doctor office
  • Tools to hep engage, inform, and educate patients
  • Freemium model for doctors
  • Supported by advertising
  • USB device uses WiFi for content and plugs into TV


  • Text book exchange
  • Connect users directly
  • Users say what books they want and what books they have
  • Raising $150,000

Excelegrade was the winner today and was my favorite as well.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Startup Riot.

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