Atlanta Tech Village Observations After 10 Weeks

The Atlanta Tech Village has been open for 10 weeks now and we’ve been having a great time. Real estate and community building, as an entrepreneur, are very different from enterprise software, but still the same regarding the need to constantly learn, talk with customers, and iterate.

Here are some observations and lessons learned after having the Atlanta Tech Village open for 10 weeks:

  • Community support has been phenomenal and hundreds of people have reached out to see how they can help
  • 102 paying members have joined so far (a paying member is someone that has a membership with a desk)
  • To have greater density of people, and drive down the per person costs, parking is going to be the limiting factor (we can get to 450 members with our current parking deck and we’re going to have 600 desks once our renovations are finished — many parking decks are in the area)
  • Demand has exceeded expectations for people wanting a spot to go to one or two days a week (we thought more people would be in three to four days per week)
  • Companies with two or more people prefer a private room instead of being in a large coworking area (we knew that was the case but we didn’t realize to what extent)
  • High end, locally ground coffee has been a big hit
  • Super short contracts/agreements are a big draw for entrepreneurs
  • Serendipitous interactions are already happening and creating value for the community
  • Simple programs like Free Food Fridays, where we have catered lunch for everyone every Friday, are some of the best ways to bring the community together

10 weeks in, the Atlanta Tech Village is exceeding my expectations and I’m looking forward to the continued enhancements and changes.

What else? What are some other observations about the Atlanta Tech Village you didn’t expect 10 weeks ago?

13 thoughts on “Atlanta Tech Village Observations After 10 Weeks

    1. Hi Taylor,

      We are super close to the Buckhead MARTA station, which is about a 10 minute walk, and will be about 5 minutes this Fall when the pedestrian bridge is complete. Also, there is a group of about 10 of us (some work at ATV and some on the other side of the mall) who bike in together at least once a week. Join us by following #buckheadcommuteclub on twitter.

      Erin, ATV Community Manager

  1. David, congratulations on your new venture. I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m in town.

  2. I definitely agree about the one total day a week bit.for people like me who work in corporate but have the flexibility to work remotely and want to be around such an inspiring group of people, its the perfect offer. I’d love for I and my coworkers at Turner to be able to drop in on Fridays and co work.

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