Notes on Atlanta’s Startup Community for Atlanta’s Business Community

On Thursday morning I’m honored to have the opportunity to share my personal story and thoughts on the Atlanta startup community with the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Atlanta has a strong business community that’s well-known for getting involved and making a difference. For their most recent strategic plan, fostering entrepreneurship and startups were identified as key priorities.

Here are a few notes on the Atlanta startup community:

  • Atlanta has all the natural resources to be a top 10 tech startup city
  • Startup strengths include technical talent, low cost of living, abundant young professionals, and great quality of life
  • Startup weaknesses include experienced entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial density, and risk capital
  • Atlanta needs to focus on companies that generate revenue from outside the region thereby creating net new jobs
  • Georgia Tech has significant untapped entrepreneurial potential
  • Atlanta Tech Village is the largest tech entrepreneurship center in the Southeast with a goal of creating 10,000 jobs in 10 years
  • 2012 marked nearly half a billion in exit value for marketing software companies in Atlanta
  • Atlanta has another handful of marketing software companies currently worth over half a billion in value
  • Atlanta’s startup energy is at an all-time high with no signs of slowing down
  • Atlanta’s startup community needs more support from the large, local companies by way of mentoring, investments, and doing business together
  • Seed stage risk capital is scarce while capital for fast growing tech companies with modest scale is readily available
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber has an opportunity to help strategically with industry introductions as well as capital sources

I’m looking forward to talking to the Metro Atlanta Chamber on Thursday and getting them excited about changing the entrepreneurial trajectory of Atlanta.

What else? What are some other thoughts to share on Atlanta’s startup community?

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