Atlanta GigaOM Mobility Meetup Recap

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the Atlanta GigaOM Mobility Meetup at Opera in Midtown. Over 600 people registered for the event, showcasing the power of the GigaOM brand (6 million uniques a month) and the excitement around mobile in the Atlanta tech community. Even with one of the worst lightning and rain storms we’ve had this year, the entire event space was packed with people.

Here are a few notes from the Atlanta GigaOM Mobility Meetup:

  • Atlanta has a strong mobility cluster anchored by AT&T Mobility, which is headquartered here
  • Mobile payments is a hot area and companies are eagerly awaiting adoption of NFC technology
  • Mobile marketing, especially with regards to personalized messaging, has significant opportunity
  • AirWatch, a mobile device management company in Atlanta, added 1,000 new employees last year and is growing fast

I’m glad that GigaOM put on the event and I look forward to future programs.

What else? What are some other takeaways from the Atlanta GigaOM Mobility Meetup?

One thought on “Atlanta GigaOM Mobility Meetup Recap

  1. David, you forgot about the TRILLION dollar question!

    Actually, I really just enjoyed the reinforcement of the need for mobile as a core competency moving forward in technology businesses across many verticals — and not as an experiment. Its not just about games and etch markets – it is and will become the standard in many regards in the future. Early adopters will benefit.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insight last night!

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