Digital Display Disruption with Android Sticks / Beyond Google Chromecast

Yesterday I tried out the new Google Chromecast for the first time. For a $35 device, it packs a ton of power and is really useful. AirPlay via AppleTV is still much more flexible since the whole desktop display is broadcast wirelessly to the screen, but transmitting a browser window inside Google Chrome meets most of the needs in the market (as well as the custom apps like Netflix).

I think the bigger transformational shift will come when there’s a small Android computer that plugs into any standard HDMI port, like a TV, so that you have the full computer attached to the screen. Dell is working on this now with the Project Ophelia $100 Android stick. Connecting a computer to a TV is possible now with Mac Mini or a little PC, but it’s cumbersome to maintain and configure.

With the advent of a $100 Android stick, we’ll see more digital displays. Think of some of the common scenarios:

  • Metrics / KPI dashboards
  • Competitive leaderboards
  • Digital billboards
  • Restaurant menus
  • News / events / alerts

Better, faster, cheaper — the digital display market is ripe for change and tiny, self-contained computers will be the catalyst.

What else? What are your thoughts on the coming digital display disruption with Android sticks?

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