Successful Entrepreneurs Continually Invest in Personal Improvement

One pattern I’ve found with successful entrepreneurs is the internal motivation to continually invest in personal improvement. There’s this innate desire to keep getting better, both in life and in work.

Here are some of the more popular personal improvement things I see entrepreneurs doing:

  • Public speaking practice by joining Toastmasters International
  • Peer experience sharing and learning through EO and YPO
  • Exercise and sports (running, working out, hiking, biking, and golf are popular)
  • Reading books and blogs on a regular basis

The next time you talk to an entrepreneur, ask about personal improvement initiatives and see what they’re working on — it just might surprise you.

What else? What are your thoughts on the idea that successful entrepreneurs are continually investing in personal improvement?

8 thoughts on “Successful Entrepreneurs Continually Invest in Personal Improvement

  1. I agree David. I also think entrepreneurs often look at ways to improve not only themselves, but to make societal contribution(s) & to make this world a better place whenever possible.

  2. I have three out of four! I look forward to learning more about YPO and EO, as I have not heard of them locally but will look into them. I am a member of Toastmasters International, which I recommend to EVERYONE who communicates. I belong to two clubs and enjoy every moment I grow with them. I recently took up exercising, figuring I should finally give myself time to take care of me so I can see my business grow for many years to come – and be around to pass it down to my successor. And reading – well, as a writer, that’s kind of a given! πŸ™‚ Great post!!

  3. I would definitely second the idea of surrounding oneself with people who push you to grow, challenge you to think differently (bigger and better), and call your bluffs. The Atlanta Global Shapers are a group that’s done the same for me. I’ve also found that successful entrepreneurs/professionals seek out mentors, coaches, and mastermind groups to continuously have access to new perspectives. Thanks for sharing this perspective — enjoyed it.

  4. You couldn’t have put it a better way. I would also like to add that entrepreneurs are improving themselves by learning leadership; ways to understand people, and positively influencing those around them and adding value to them. Relationships are important to business and you definitely cannot gain success without a mutually beneficial relationship whether its with a spouse, friend, or business partner.

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