Business Idea: Google Now for Sales Reps

Google Now is presented as an intelligent personal assistant that delivers the right information at just the right time. Pretty awesome. After reading about it, it’s clear that there’s a market opportunity for a similar service targeted at sales reps.

Here’s how the service might work:

  • Tight integration with CRM (, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Nimble, etc) and calendar (Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange)
  • Analysis of rep’s top opportunities and prospects based on score, grade, timeline, and likelihood of closing
  • Monitor prospects’ social media activity to determine if a contact is online so as to prompt the sales rep to make a call or send an email
  • Review sales rep’s daily activity and automatically build recommendations based on previous success (e.g. a sales rep might have a higher close rate when doing demos in the morning and cold calls in the afternoon, so the service figures that out and prompts accordingly)
  • Seamless geographic and timezone integration to make recommendations based on GPS location of the sales rep (e.g. out in the field for a meeting, automatically reference another prospect that’s in the area)
  • Connection to phone systems (cell and VoIP) that both manually logs dialed calls as well as automatically initiates calls (e.g. there’s a 2pm conference call and the service rings the sales rep’s phone at 1:59pm)

Perhaps the functionality is a bit too broad but the general idea remains the same: analyze everything related to a sales reps and make intelligent recommendations at the right time and place. Sales reps are always looking to close more deals with a shorter sales cycle and smart software will help make that happen.

What else? What are your thoughts on the opportunity for a Google Now-like service for sales reps?

5 thoughts on “Business Idea: Google Now for Sales Reps

  1. Please develop this software . . . NOW. It is exactly what sales reps need, and it surprises me that it is not been attempted as of yet. Even better if it would make suggestions of good prospects based on past successe (Prospect identification being one of the most difficult parts of the sales process for certain industries).

  2. Dear David,

    I am the Marketing Director for a non-profit called OPEN, which is dedicated to business leadership and entrepreneurship among our members and their connected communities. We have more than 3,300 paying members internationally and around 200 paying members here in Atlanta.

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    Regards and Success,

  3. David, this line of thinking is very similar to an interactive CRM startup my team is building for financial advisors that helps them connect and retain their clients better than Salesforce, etc using this analytical intelligence and social media. Here is a brief video of what we are doing-

  4. Well, I think this hasn’t been tried yet because to most sales people it probably wouldn’t provide that much value after all. My experience in sales is kind of limited but I know several awesome sales people and they are not only quite happy with their current run-of-the-mill CRM systems but also wouldn’t even really need additional automatic sales intelligence (such as described under ). Such information is nice, for sure. It might even help with closing a deal more or two but in the end it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. What’s much more important is establishing a relationship with your (potential) customer and finding out what your company can do for him. Sales intelligence might make that a bit easier from time to time but most of this data can be gather via Google or LinkedIn if need be.

    So, I’m not exactly what the target audience for such a tool would be. Who do you think might actually want to pay for such a tool? Would it really provide value other than novelty?

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