Takeaways from the First Kevy Connects Event / Impact of the Cloud

Tonight we had our first Kevy Connects event at the Atlanta Tech Village with over 250 registered attendees and a panel of Atlanta cloud software leaders including Reggie Bradford of Oracle / Vitrue, Michael Cohn of Cloud Sherpas, Bill Nussey of Silverpop, and Ed Trimble of Kevy. For the event, our goal was to bring together some of the major Software-as-a-Service companies in town to learn from each other and explore how we can continue to expand Atlanta’s strength in the world of cloud-based applications.

Here are a few takeaways from the first Kevy Connects event:

  • Cloud-based software, while it’s been around for well over a decade, is one of the fastest growing software segments and shows no signs of slowing down
  • Most companies that were originally averse to putting their information in the cloud due to security, availability, etc have come around and are now comfortable with it
  • Integration of cloud apps is a big challenge for the industry and an opportunity for new entrants
  • Atlanta’s extensive history of successful B2B software companies provides a strong foundation for the next generation of cloud-based software.

Overall, tonight’s event was a big success and we look forward to bringing the local cloud community together on a regular basis.

What else? What are some of your takeaways from the event and the impact of the cloud?

3 thoughts on “Takeaways from the First Kevy Connects Event / Impact of the Cloud

  1. Totally agree. One takeaway I loved is, you always need to innovate and constantly keep pushing forward. Nothing comes easy and in order to change things you need passion and focus.

  2. Great event tonight. Kudos to the team. I think one of the reasons integration is getting so much attention is because we’re moving faster than we ever have. As Reggie said, marketing now has to be real-time. Even waiting a day is too long. So, you have to have the all data you need to make important decisions now. You can’t wait for an export, a nightly batch, or a dev project to build a connector. All good stuff. And a great use of Atlanta’s half-way house for entrepreneurs 🙂

  3. My takeaway wasn’t cloud-related. It was Reggie’s comment that he “wanted to create a company where my kids would want to bring their friends to check it out.” I think that can be a handy heuristic to use, and it doesn’t mean you have to start something like Dragon Army (not that there is anything wrong with that.) Rather, I think it means you need to be excited enough about what you’re doing to make a kid excited. Not an adult who might be enthused by industry buzzwords, but a kid who absolutely will not be. I think it is a pretty high bar.

    P.S. Thanks to you, Ed, and everyone else involved in putting this event on. It was great.

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