Atlanta Tech Village as a Sales and Recruiting Tool

Last week I was talking to a sales executive at the Atlanta Tech Village. He works for one of the startups in the Village and we were talking about how things are going. After hearing about a big deal he’s working on, he volunteered something I wasn’t expecting: the Village is a sales tool whereby if the prospect is local, he’ll invite them to a Startup Chowdown. Pretty sweet.

Startups are always looking for an edge, especially when it comes to signing customers. With little brand recognition for the startup, sales reps seek to associate with other brands through social proof by referencing recognizable customers or mentioning something that might pique a prospect’s interest, in this case the Village if they are local.

Later in the week I was talking to another startup that was in the process of hiring a couple new people. After catching up on progress, I heard again how bringing a potential new hire to the Startup Chowdown was a great recruiting tool as it gives the candidate a taste of the energy in the building and gets them excited about being part of the startup community. There’s a real war for talent going on and having an edge makes a big difference.

Startups are closing more deals. Check. Startups are recruiting great talent. Check. These are great benefits of being in a startup campus that aren’t appreciated until you hear about the results.

What else? What are your thoughts on the Atlanta Tech Village as a sales and recruiting tool?

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