Highlights from the $130 Million Vocalocity Exit

Earlier today Vocalocity announced their $130 million exit to Vonage. This is another big win for Atlanta and shows the strength of the Atlanta startup community. Vocalocity is an interesting story as it was founded as a different company, the assets were sold to another startup that took over, and finally it set off on the path it’s still on today — providing Internet-based phone services to small businesses.

Here are some of the current Vocalocity details courtesy of Urvaksh’s piece on the acquisition as well as other sources:

Overall, it’s another success story for Atlanta and a big congratulations are in order for all parties involved.

What else? What are your thoughts on the Vocalocity exit to Vonage?

3 thoughts on “Highlights from the $130 Million Vocalocity Exit

  1. Vocalocity made some important (time-sensitive) business decisions that positioned their (market) value to not only created a willingness to pay by customers . . but also a willingness to pay (acquire) by Vonage.

    Creating and growing demand with customers is the best way to create demand with potential acquirers. Something you know first-hand David.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. According to VentureWire:
    TechOperators, Pittco Capital Partners, Imlay Partners and Noro-Moseley Partners were investors in Vocalocity . The company raised $8 million in 2007 and a $4.1 million Series B in 2009. JMI Equity invested in Aptela Inc . before it merged with Vocalocity in 2011 .

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