New SalesLoft Prospector Product

SalesLoft has a new Prospector product designed to make it easy to build high quality lists of prospects based on results from Google searches (Disclosure: I’m an investor in SalesLoft). As background, one of the biggest challenges for sales people is getting targeted lists of potential prospects that fit the ideal customer profile. There are many data sources out there but the information is often out of date.

The SalesLoft Prospector idea is really straightforward. LinkedIn has the best, most up-to-date information on professionals, and Google caches the public LinkedIn profile pages. So, provide a tool that takes the data from the Google results, puts it in a spreadsheet or CSV for a CRM, and augment it with phone numbers and email addresses via a third-party data sources. The end result is the best semi-automated list building tool on the internet.

SalesLoft Prospect Interface

So, the next time you hear a sales rep complain about the quality of their lists, have them give the SalesLoft Prospector a try.

What else? What are your thoughts on generating lists of potential prospects and the SalesLoft Prospector tool?

3 thoughts on “New SalesLoft Prospector Product

  1. David. Source lists are great. However my concern would be that if the sales professional has to rely on Google lists they are already to far away from where they need to be. Even before you get to what they then do with that name. They should be looking to start much closer through refferals or recommendations
    Just a thought

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