10 Free Business Ideas from Idealab IdeaDay

Idealab, the most famous tech startup incubator in the world, just released a 90 minute video from their IdeaDay event last week. The goal with IdeaDay is to share 10 business ideas they’re excited about in the hopes that potential entrepreneurs, team members, and investors come forward to partner with Idealab in some way on them. Of course, the ideas are free and people can take them and run with them on their own as well.

Here are the 10 free business ideas from Idealab’s IdeaDay:

  1. Too Many Pictures – With digital pictures stored in so many places there’s a growing need to wrangle them all in a manner that’s more maintainable (e.g. photos on Facebook, Picassa, Instragram, Dropbox, etc)
  2. ActionMail – Interface with email in a more manageable manner through features like pulling questions out of email text and prompting for answers, prioritizing inbound email based on whether or not you’ve already emailed the person, etc
  3. Deliver.it – An Uber for delivering common, convenience store-like items where the items are already in the vehicle (as opposed to someone having to go pull a specific order, all the items are in the vehicle ready for delivery)
  4. LifeChanger – Wearable technology, similar to Fitbit, that would be used track eating, smoking, etc with the goal of changing and/or improving behavior
  5. Product Search – Moving beyond standard shopping comparison engines, the idea is to have a guided product search that takes into account more structured search criteria
  6. DashCam – Bring the popularity of Russian car dashboard cameras to North America for the purpose of saving money on insurance, providing more context-sensitive information, etc
  7. Luv.it – Provide a list of places, hotels, restaurants, etc that you love and get a list of ones you might not know about based on what other people love (recommendation engine to find other stuff you’d love but don’t know about, as different from Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc)
  8. Dashboard.biz – Real-time business dashboard with the most important, actionable metrics pulled from other cloud-based systems
  9. CloudShare – Cross cloud file storage searching (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) for personal files as well as coworker files so that if a coworker has a file that you want, the software prompts them to share the file only if a match was found (as opposed to the standard practice of emailing a company mailing list and interrupting everyone to see if they have a file)
  10. Optipark – System for real-time assigning of parking spots based on the size of the car whereby the parking lot is stripped with a variety of parking spot sizes such that 10-20% more cars fit in the same area (think of using a touch screen to say the type of car you have and it telling you a specific spot to use as it knows all spots in use and not in use — future idea would be to use LED lights to dynamically stripe the parking lines for maximum efficiency)

Watch the IdeaDay video to get a more detailed explanation of each idea as well as visuals. Overall, I think it’s a very cool idea that Idealab is open sourcing ideas as a way of recruiting people to get involved. Well done!

What else? What are your thoughts on these 10 free business ideas? Which one is your favorite?

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