Atlanta’s AirWatch to be Acquired by VMware for $1.5 Billion

Earlier today the big news broke that Atlanta’s AirWatch is going to be acquired by VMware for over $1.5 billion. AirWatch is the consumate Atlanta success story. Business software? Check. Security technology? Check. Limited outside capital to get to scale before raising institutional capital? Check. AirWatch has all the ingredients.

Here are some of the awesome Atlanta benefits of the AirWatch story:

  • Created 1,000 jobs in Atlanta
  • Delivered another success story on the international stage
  • Minted many more tech millionaires in the city
  • Established a strong reputation for mobility-related software

Unfortunately, AirWatch won’t be the next anchor technology company for the region but it will leave a lasting legacy for the city. New entrepreneurs and investors will emerge and 1,000+ people will have felt what it’s like to be a part of something that succeeds in a big way.

Congratulations to AirWatch on building a large software company in Atlanta.

What else? What are your thoughts on the impending VMware acquisition of AirWatch?

5 thoughts on “Atlanta’s AirWatch to be Acquired by VMware for $1.5 Billion

  1. David, why do you think AirWatch/VMware won’t be an “anchor technology company”? Is VMware shutting down the office in Atlanta, or dramatically shrinking it?

    1. I view an anchor technology company as an independent company headquartered in the city. I don’t see them dramatically shrinking.

  2. Great news for AirWatch and their talented pool of employees! This has dramatically affected the tech scene in Atlanta for the better, and will continue to bring great publicity, and future tech companies to this ever-growing city!

  3. With the news that Comcast is buying Time Warner for a cool $45B, I have this funny feeling about some of Atlanta’s great companies being bought out by “foreign” entities (not in Georgia). In many ways, I wish it was Atlanta (Georgia) companies buying outside entities so that Atlanta can still be the home of these great companies.

    Personally, I’d prefer Georgia companies be the acquirers rather than the acquisition targets. Then, all that revenue, all that distinction, it all comes back here.

    Congrats to the big acquisitions, though. Hope they spur some good economics to start more businesses here in ATL… and become anchors.

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