The Atlanta Tech Village Verified Program

One of the initiatives we’re working on at the Atlanta Tech Village is the Village Verified program. With the initiative, our goal is to identify potential startups that have achieved some modest level of success and are poised for greater growth. Having 140+ startups in the same facility is amazing, but we need a way to funnel extra resources and programs to a smaller number of companies.

Here are a few details on the Village Verified program:

  • Membership is for startups that have raised at least $100,000 from investors OR have at least $100,000 in revenue (either trailing twelve months revenue or $100,000 in annual recurring revenue)
  • Provided $10,000 in credits from Amazon Web Services, $24,000 in credits from Rackspace, and several other special deals at no charge
  • Domain-specific peer lunches and roundtables (e.g. for engineering, sales, marketing, etc)
  • Special meetings with VIP guests (Village Verified companies had a special lunch with the Mayor of Atlanta as well as other executives and investors in town)
  • Must complete a One Page Strategic Plan and review it bi-annually

With the Village Verified program, we want to find a balance with our large, all inclusive events while providing more attention and resources to startups that have differentiated themselves. As with everything we do, we’re constantly experimenting and looking for ways to make things better. Check out the Village Verified program and help spread the word.

What else? What are your thoughts on the Village Verified program at the Atlanta Tech Village?

2 thoughts on “The Atlanta Tech Village Verified Program

  1. Is this true about the Credit? If so I am we are in for a desk. The AWS credit alone would make sense for PeachDish to join? I sent an email two weeks ago and did not get a response.

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