Walkthrough of the 2nd Floor at the Atlanta Tech Village

Yesterday we opened our new 2nd floor at the Atlanta Tech Village. The 2nd floor is different from our standard floor in that it is almost entirely private offices with no multi-room suites whereas floors three, four, and five are mostly 2-6 room suites. In addition, the 2nd floor has a few additional amenities not found elsewhere in the building (see below).

Here are highlights from the 2nd floor:

2nd floor floorplan

Floor Plan

  • 37 private offices
  • 16 coworking desks
  • 8 phone rooms
  • 3 conference rooms
  • 2 huddle rooms
  • 2 standing desks
  • 1 usability testing lab
  • 1 nap room
  • 1 staircase to Octane Coffee

2nd floor glass rooms

2nd floor room interior

Private Offices

  • Fully furnished
  • All rooms have glass and can see outside
  • Most rooms can see out two sides of the floor

2nd floor hallway with idea paint


  • Dry erase paint throughout the interior walls

2nd floor lockers


  • Storage for hot desks and reserved desks

2nd floor coworking2


2nd floor phone room

Phone Rooms

  • Perfect for conference calls, cold calls, and personal calls

2nd floor observation room

Usability Testing Lab

  • Combination huddle room and conference room with one-way glass

2nd floor nap room

Nap Room

  • No windows
  • Schedule it like a conference room
  • Look for a hammock and future accessories soon

2nd floor glass rooms2

Next up is the 1st floor which opens later this month with an Octane Coffee, coworking space, community center, game room, classroom, conference center, and two board rooms.

Every week we have a public tour, so please signup online.

What else? What are your thoughts on the walkthrough of the 2nd floor of the Atlanta Tech Village?

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