Figure Out How to Stay in the Game Long Enough to Win

One aspect of entrepreneurship that’s taken me years to grasp is the importance of staying in the game long enough to win. What I mean by that is it’s incredibly hard to time a market, and timing is one of the most important aspects for major success. If it’s hard to time a market, and timing is so important, it follows that it’s best to pick big markets and give yourself enough runway to zig and zag within the market to find the greatest opportunities. In a sense, the goal is to experiment in a large target market so as to create your own timing for whatever is the best path.

Here are a few thoughts on staying in the game long enough to win:

If this sounds like a tough situation, that’s because it is. Startups are incredibly hard and figuring out how to survive so that you can be at the right place at the right time makes all the difference.

What else? What are some other thoughts on figuring out how to stay in the game long enough to win?

4 thoughts on “Figure Out How to Stay in the Game Long Enough to Win

  1. To add to your insights, It seems that finding ways to be frugal in one’s own personal life (ex. home-cooked meals instead of going out, wearing clothes longer, finding social activities/dates/outings that aren’t costly, etc.) can definitely help keep you in the game. In addition, it helps to have investors/backers that you can convince to believe in and be patient with you until you can hit it big (A much harder task of course). I say this from my own experience, hearing stories of how my grandfather got started in entrepreneurship (oil exploration). It took him several years and countless dry wells (about 57 in a row at one point) until he finally started making money. I recall my father telling me that he and his family ate many meals of spaghetti and hotdogs in those lean years…

  2. What to do while you stay in the Game

    Let me just say that, the most practical thing to add on your statement is the fact that, even if you stay in the market long, there are other factors that you still need to consider:

    1. How are you going to Stay Afloat and not Sink. The best solution there would be to cut cost down to a minimum.
    2. Do you have the ability and will to experiment while you are still in the Game, the reasoning behind this is without experimenting you will just be waiting for the BUS and we all know the BUs might not come.
    3. An Ability to evaluate your competition and see what they are doig better than you if you don’t do this then you will just be staying in a business that might not even be viable, and you can’t see this if you don’t evaluate your competition and see if they are still making money from the business.
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  3. David this is an eye-opener. I agree that most start-ups do not survive because the entrepreneur does not stay in the game. I started my legal practice in 2009 and there have been many times I would have given up; But my circumstances forced me to stay on. I found out that most businesses have patterns of dips and lifts. Since the start up entrepreneur may not understand the pattern early on dips are interpreted as failures. This has refocused my mind to stay in the game, low activity may just be a temporary dip.

  4. Couple more to add
    – Surround yourself with personal relationships that can handle unpredictable nature of being an entrepreneur
    – Initially hire people that believe in the vision and opportunity in what you are doing vs. the size of their first paycheck
    – Protect your downside. It’s not as sexy, but you don’t have to go all in on a single play. Vegas is not built on winners.

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