Power of Scale: Internship Fair at Atlanta Tech Village

Tonight we had our largest college internship fair yet called Startup + Student Connection: Spring 2014. Over 300 students signed up to attend from all over Atlanta, including a number from Georgia State and Georgia Tech.

Internship Fair at Atlanta Tech Village

When thinking about the program, it occurred to me that this exemplifies one of the major benefits of having a large tech entrepreneurship center: event scale. Putting on a standard internship fair is a ton of work, let alone one that has 300 students and dozens of startups. Our awesome staff and facilities make it possible.

Having 150+ startups in the same building makes it so that we can reach a large audience through email, Twitter, and word of mouth. More students and more startups means that there’s a wider variety of internships and an improved likelihood that a connection will be made. Finally, more students seeing the Atlanta Tech Village will result in increased awareness of the growing startup scene in Atlanta.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the event and made it happen.

What else? What are some other thoughts on the power of scale with the Atlanta Tech Village?

One thought on “Power of Scale: Internship Fair at Atlanta Tech Village

  1. David,

    In addition to curated community and creating engineered serendipity, was power of scale part of your vision for the Village?

    Here are some other examples of power of scale I’ve experienced as a member of the Village since January: A-list consultants leading workshops (David Kurkjian, Mike Wittenstein, Stan Phelps); A-list speakers arranged by TAG Entrepreneurs (Charlie Paparelli); A-list meetups (E-Team Atlanta, PitchPractice) and Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce speakers (Michael Tavani); and A-list Village service provider members.


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