Reduce Friction to Improve Product Adoption

Recently I was talking to an entrepreneur about his product. The market already had a couple of inferior solutions to the problem he was solving, each with their own pros and cons. His new product provided a more elegant platform, but also increased the friction for product adoption. Product adoption is a major challenge to building a successful business.

Here are a few thoughts on reducing friction to improve product adoption:

  • Research the most commonly performed tasks
  • Figure out how to reduce the number of steps required to get the most value
  • Ask users if they could wave a magic wand, how would the product work
  • Find out what users like and dislike most about the product
  • Track the time to wow

Minimizing product adoption friction is one of the best ways to maximize customer success. An unused product is an unsuccessful product.

What else? What are some more ideas on reducing friction to improve product adoption?

One thought on “Reduce Friction to Improve Product Adoption

  1. Hi David, I think the importance of reducing friction in new product adoption is grossly under estimated. This could result in a false negative where people give up a startup as a failure doubting their idea when it is the friction that is at the issue.

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