Three Strong Bones to be Successful

Earlier today I had an opportunity to hear Dr. Bob Rotella, the famous sports psychologist, talk about his lessons learned. After sharing some excellent anecdotes and making the point that all the great athletes share the same internal belief that they can be the best (confidence and visualization), he offered up a story from 30 years ago. Bob was at a basketball camp for coaches and a famous Michigan State coach had just given a talk. A hand shot up in the audience and someone asked the coach about the key to success. Simple, the coach said, you just need three strong bones:

  • Wishbone – Dream big. Know where you’re going. Have a vision.
  • Backbone – Core strength. Do the hard things. Make it work.
  • Funny Bone – Laugh at life’s curve balls. With so many unknowns a good sense of humor is required.

The formula is pretty simple: clear vision, strong internal fortitude, and ability to handle the ups and downs. Bob Rotella did a great job with his talk and I enjoyed the message about combining belief with work ethic.

What else? What are your thoughts on the three strong bones to be successful?

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