3 Must Read Culture Guides for Entrepreneurs

One of my favorite things to talk about, and most underrated by first-time entrepreneurs, is the importance of corporate culture. This seemingly simple idea that the people you choose to work with is that only thing you can control, and the most important thing to work on, is hard to appreciate without experiencing it first-hand. Entrepreneurs should put their anthropology hat on and study high performing cultures, not to merely copy one, but rather to learn and incorporate their favorite pieces into their own culture.

Here are three culture guides every entrepreneur must read:

The next time an entrepreneur mentions culture, explain the significance, and point them to these three guides.

What else? What are some other good culture guides that you really like?

4 thoughts on “3 Must Read Culture Guides for Entrepreneurs

  1. Honestly, any place where the leadership team is honest and actually LIVE what they preach as culture is the best, and hard to come by.

  2. Another great post (I guess I ignore the “less great ones”….Most entrepreneurs I know and deal with disregard the value and power of Culture. However, it’s part of the FOUNDATION of the company that will determine success. It’s is top-down and bottom-up (which is easy in a small flat org).

    The CEO must LIVE the culture every day AND ensure everyone else lives it as well. Anytime there is a misalignment of individual values and the company’s team member values, then ACTION is required. It’s amazing how weak leadership and lack of candor will allow a culture to evolve into something that it was never intended.

    Designing and developing your culture is just as important as planning your strategy. They both depend on each other.

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