3 Little-Used Interviewing Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Know

After yesterday’s post on The Culture-Oriented 7 Step Hiring Process, Ron Hollis provided a great comment highlighting some his lesson’s learned starting, growing, and selling a successful tech company. Entrepreneurs have so many great tools and resources readily available that they don’t find some of the most powerful tactics.

Here are three little-used interviewing tips entrepreneurs need to know:

  1. Chronological In-Depth Surveys – Follow the Topgrading interview process and really dig into how the person thinks and why they moved from position to position in their career.
  2. Threat of Reference Check and Get References Not on the Resume – Everyone is happy to provide a list of references. Get the list of references and then during the chronological in-depth survey ask for three more names and numbers of references beyond the standard list. Then, call these people and confirm that the candidate will be successful in your desired role. The key is to get people that aren’t on their standard list.
  3. Writing Skills – More than anything else I’ve encountered, the ability to write well and answer questions in a cohesive manner correlates with success. Always have a written assessment.

Entrepreneurs would do well to incorporate these three little-used interviewing tips into their hiring process. Hiring well is so critical and entrepreneurs need to build a process that works well for their company.

What else? What are some other little-used interviewing tips entrepreneurs need to know?

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