How does it help reach the goal?

Quick, what are the three most important things you’re working on right now? Why?

That email you just sent — how does it help you achieve your goals?

That meeting invite you just accepted — how does it fit in?

That phone call you’re about to make — how does it move you closer to your dreams?

That hanging out on social media last night — how does it improve your chances of success?

Being intentional is hard, very hard. With a limited amount of time and resources, prioritizing what’s critical is of the utmost importance.

The next time you start to do something, ask yourself how it helps reach the goal.

4 thoughts on “How does it help reach the goal?

  1. That’s good advice David. Wish I could focus a bit more on specific goals. I do pretty well but have a tendency to get involved with so many things that my originally intended goals get a bit intertwined. Many times I start off connecting with someone or having a meeting for one thing that ends up satisfying one of my other goals for a different project. Guess that’s what happens when you are an eclectic social entrepreneur that builds puzzles with a lot of different pieces.

  2. Reblogged this on prior probability and commented:
    Emails are a classic case of a double-edged sword, since emails are an efficient way of communicating with others across the globe and getting things done. The problem, however, is that many email-senders do not always internalize the “time costs” that their emails impose on the recipients of such emails. This is especially true of spammers and people who like to hit “Reply-All.” Our strategy for dealing with such email externalities is to check our emails only during designated times of the day … and never on week-ends. What’s yours?

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