The 7 Figure Club

One of the initiatives we’re working on at the Atlanta Tech Village is bringing together different groups within the community to build relationships and help each other. Today we launched our newest group, the 7 Figure Club, for entrepreneurs within the Village that have either a million in revenue or have raised a million from investors. While one million in revenue or investment might seem arbitrary, it’s a nice milestone that represents customer traction or investor confidence. One million in revenue is also the requirement for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Slightly more than 10% of the Village is in the 7 Figure Club (21 companies). The format is a monthly lunch with the following agenda:

  • What’s going well
  • What’s not going well
  • Topical discussion (one topic per month e.g. fundraising, hiring, growth strategies, etc.)
  • Needs and leads (anything anyone needs help with or has something to help others)

Overall, the club isn’t designed to replace an EO or YPO forum. Rather, it’s goal is to keep the largest companies in the Village abreast of what’s going on with each other and act as a regular meeting to help each other.

I’m looking forward to participating in the 7 Figure Club.

What else? What are some other thoughts on this type of entrepreneur group?

One thought on “The 7 Figure Club

  1. Who is in this club? And details on each as I am sure the community and investors want to know. Congrats on the A list customer list!

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