Corporate Retreats in a Startup

Early on in my startup career I thought corporate retreats were a waste of time. I just wanted to stay heads-down and crank away at the items on my to do list. Only after experiencing great retreats with EO and YPO did I come to understand the real value.

Here are a few thoughts on corporate retreats in a startup:

  • Hire an outside facilitator (find one that is EO or YPO certified) as they are worth the cost (if money is available to do so)
  • Find the right balance between work time and fun activity time (depending on the group, I’ve found 60/40 works well with 60% work time)
  • Always get outside the building, and preferably outside the city, so that the usual distractions aren’t present
  • Come with an agenda and make sure that the goals are accomplished
  • Decide on a cell phone policy and enforce it (e.g. turn off all phones and leave them on the middle of the table)
  • Give homework in advance to set the tone and get the team thinking about the key topics

Corporate retreats are a great way to bring the team together, strategize the future, and align everyone.

What else? What are some other thoughts on corporate retreats and startups?

One thought on “Corporate Retreats in a Startup

  1. I am part of a corporate team and we had a very successful retreat last week. We used DiSC and Strength Finder to understand each other’s motives, values and actions. We had many team led discussions on what we were doing right, what could be improved, what resources we needed etc. It was a great learning opportunity, but also fun and good for my own personal development.

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