Community Engagement as an Entrepreneur

As long as I can remember I’ve felt driven to get involved with the community and give back. My amount of civic involvement would ebb and flow based on the various stages of the startups. Over the past two years I’ve gotten even more involved in civic organizations as a representative of the Atlanta tech entrepreneurship community, working to build awareness around the importance of startups in new job creation for the region.

On the business side, I’m involved at the board/committee level with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Buckhead Coalition. On the civic side, I’m involved with Atlanta Rotary, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Woodruff Arts Center, and Piedmont Park.

Here are two events next month and one next year that I’m actively involved in:

Civic engagement is a personal decision and one that I’ve found very rewarding. If you’re in Atlanta, please consider sponsoring or buying tickets to one of the above events.

What else? What are some other thoughts on civic engagement for entrepreneurs?

5 thoughts on “Community Engagement as an Entrepreneur

  1. David, You’re expertise and depth of insight and information is one of my drivers in my own business. MDW & I are both self employed and are enough of the same mindset (most of the time) that we are one another’s cheerleader as each day starts and ends. Keep up the great work you do. We have a friend who is about three hours outside Atlanta as we speak on her way home. MDW in talking to her tonight was able to connect with a new client for one of her businesses. 10,000 hours is a phrase I’ve become familiar with during both my first career and the one I now have.

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