Notes from Sales Training with Jack Daly

Yesterday I had the chance to attend a four hour sales training program with Jack Daly, courtesy of EO Atlanta. Jack is one of the most intense, and most exciting, sales coaches out there. It’s hard to picture it, but imagine four hours of passionate screaming in an effort to share as much sales knowledge as possible.

Here are a few notes from the workshop:

  • Sales managers aren’t in the business of growing revenue. Sales managers are in the business of growing sales people.
  • Sales managers should spend four hours per sales rep per month doing joint sales calls (some as a team, some where the coach leads and the rep is invisible, and some where the rep leads and the coach is invisible)
  • What gets measured gets done
  • CEOs are in the job of the growing the business, not operating it
  • Entrepreneurs are their own worst enemy when it comes to micro-managing sales while wanting to grow the business
  • Hire an assistant, even if it is a high schooler for $10/hour
  • Four foundations of a winning culture are recognition systems, communication systems, professional development, and empowerment processes
  • Pro sports teams are better run than most businesses
  • Every business needs a playbook

Jack Daly is one-of-a-kind sales trainer well worth the time. Attend a workshop and learn from the master.

What else? What are some other thoughts on Jack Daly?

One thought on “Notes from Sales Training with Jack Daly

  1. Don’t forget the fact that Jack at the age of 65 has completed 65 marathons, and 14 Iron Man’s. And he didn’t start the Iron Man’s until the age of 57, because it wasn’t until than that he first learned how to swim. The man is a high energy machine.

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