Two Year Anniversary of the Pardot Acquisition

Today marks the two year anniversary of Pardot being acquired by ExactTarget (see ExactTarget and Pardot Join Forces followed by Thoughts on Acquiring ExactTarget/Pardot). It’s still surreal looking back on the Pardot experience and reminiscing about everything we accomplished.

Of course, I enjoy working on a number of different initiatives and It’s been a busy two years since the sale. Here are a few accomplishments over the past 24 months:

  • Bought 3423 Piedmont Rd and named it the Atlanta Tech Village
  • Finished almost all the renovations on the Atlanta Tech Village (all office space has been renovated and there are only a few patio, basement, and garage items left)
  • Started Kevy and have already signed 100+ paying customers
  • Made six major startup investments that were greater than $200,000
  • Made four small startup investments that less than $50,000
  • Joined three non-profit boards
  • Endowed a startup grant at Duke in honor of my professor

The journey continues to unfold in fascinating and interesting ways. Life’s changed since the sale of the Pardot but the core tenants of family, community development, and working with startups hasn’t changed. Life is good.

What else? What are some other observations since the sale of Pardot?

3 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary of the Pardot Acquisition

  1. Goes without saying about the excellent opportunities in the first few points, but I do like the perpetual cause of the last. I’m sure Professor Borchardt would be proud and honored. Congrats again.

  2. Congratulations, David, on all the wonderful things you have accomplished over the past two years, and the years proceeding. You have become a true leader of our community and we look forward to more great contributions in the future and we thank you for what you have done. Cheers!!!

  3. David – I’ve observed you set a great example for entrepreneurs out there that get a real taste of success. When the big hit comes, it’s life-changing, but you have to use it to change the lives of others in addition to yourself. Too many people waste success away but if used right you can parlay it into a legacy.

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