Run the 10x Scenarios

Dreaming about the future — it’s one of my favorite things. As a thought exercise, I enjoy going through growth scenarios. Here are some questions I like to ask:

  • What will happen when everything in the company is 10x larger? How will things work? What will break down? Where are we strong? Where are we weak?
  • What will happen if we make our engineering team 10x larger? What engineering projects would we accelerate? What new products or initiatives would we go after?
  • What will happen if we make our sales team 10x larger? How much larger will other departments have to be to support them?
  • What will happen if we started generating 10x the number of leads every month? What would the sales and marketing departments look like with that type of volume?

At the next management strategy session or off-site retreat, run 10x scenarios and get everyone thinking about the future and major growth.

What else? What are some more thoughts on running 10x scenarios?

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