Atlanta Startup Village October 2014

Tonight was Atlanta Startup Village #22 at the Atlanta Tech Village. With over 500 signups, it’s the largest monthly gathering of entrepreneurs in the Southeast. Every month five entrepreneurs deliver a five minute pitch followed by five minutes of audience Q&A.

Here are the Atlanta Startup Village October 2014 presenters:

  • WeCareCard – Like a Kickstarter platform to raise money from friends and family (the example given was raising money for a funeral)
  • SwipeLoyalty – Loyalty programs built around a debit card for retailers to move consumers away from credit cards
  • Farrago Comics – Imagine an App Store for comics where everything is free and advertiser-driven
  • Campus Bubble – Take the best of social networks and make it private to the college
  • Rivalry – Automate the sales coaching process and grow faster

Join the Atlanta Startup Village Meetup Group and come next month — it’s an awesome event.

What else? What are some thoughts on tonight’s startups?

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