Atlanta Tech Village Stats

It’s official! Construction is done at the Atlanta Tech Village (see our press release). While we have a few punch list items left, all the primary work is done. After 15 months of nonstop construction, we have one of the coolest tech startup buildings I’ve ever seen. Here are some stats about the Tech Village:

  • 103,000 square feet total in the building
  • 10,000 square feet of event and meeting space
  • 50 coworking desks
  • 63 private offices
  • 44 multi-room suites
  • 4 kitchens
  • 2 nap rooms
  • 2 game rooms
  • 1 rooftop patio
  • 200+ companies
  • 700+ people

Here are some of the top Village startups:

The stats are only a part of the Atlanta Tech Village. Our real value lies in the community of passionate people building great companies. I’m incredibly proud of the Atlanta Tech Village and can’t wait to see the impact over the next 20 years.

One thought on “Atlanta Tech Village Stats

  1. Impressive stats in such a short period of time. Speaks highly of the passionate people at the village, but also speaks to your vision and leadership in the tech community, David. Thanks

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