7 Criteria for Effective Feedback

Buffer has a great post up titled How to Give and Receive Feedback at Work. The idea is that feedback is incredibly important, yet many people don’t give or receive it well. Over the years, I’ve had many feedback related conversations and can attest to its inherent challenges.

Here are 7 criteria for effective feedback from the post:

  1. The feedback provider is credible in the eyes of the feedback recipient
  2. The feedback provider is trusted by the feedback recipient
  3. The feedback is conveyed with good intentions
  4. The timing and the circumstances of giving the feedback are appropriate
  5. The feedback is given in an interactive manner
  6. The feedback message is clear
  7. The feedback is helpful to recipient

Head over to How to Give and Receive Feedback at Work and commit to providing and taking better feedback at work.

What else? What are some other thoughts on feedback?

3 thoughts on “7 Criteria for Effective Feedback

  1. Candid feedback should NOT be an EVENT that occurs among team members, but should be a normal part of the conversation. Candor allows an organization to operate more efficiency by eliminating waste caused by misunderstandings, incomplete communication and assumptions.

    Providing feedback on individual performance (either hierarchical or peer-to-peer) is included and DESIRED by A-players. They know they need the feedback from others to grow their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

    A start-up without candor will waste a lot of cash jumping around chasing the ball.

  2. While it is important for employees to offer & receive feedback in the workplace, it is not required. However, for an owner it should be a requirement. Owners or “bosses” should always offer feedback on the projects they distribute. The owner is the one with the business plan, the employees are the tools used to carry out that plan. Without feedback from the leader, employees will never know if they are on the right track with the business plan or not & will work towards their own expectations.

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