Big Mo in Startups

In sports, there’s this concept of “big momentum”, or “Big Mo”, as it is fondly called. Similar to the idea of being in the zone, Big Mo happens when the last few shots turned out well and now there’s more confidence for the next shots. Just like with sports, Big Mo has a presence in the startup world. A few big sales wins come in, engineering makes a major breakthrough, and suddenly it feels like the whole organization is executing at a higher level.

Here are a few thoughts on Big Mo:

  • Look for Big Mo patterns and find ways to keep it going
  • When Big Mo comes, acknowledge it companywide and celebrate
  • When Big Mo goes, recognize the new normal and keep pushing forward
  • Use Big Mo as a talking point when recruiting, selling, etc

Recognize Big Mo the next time it comes along and reflect on how it impacts the organization. Big Mo is real and powerful.

What else? What are some more thoughts on Big Mo in startups?

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