Favorite General Conversation Question

Continuing with the topic Favorite Question to Ask Entrepreneurs, I have another favorite question I like to ask during conversations: how so? It’s so simple — just two short words. Yet, during a conversation, it keeps things flowing, shows that you’re interested, and is easy to incorporate.

  • Sales Rep: This deal is going to close based on our conversations.
  • Me: How so?
  • Prospect: We’ve looked at similar products in the past but didn’t have the internal buy-in.
  • Me: How so?
  • Engineer: We’re going to need more resources to hit this timeframe.
  • Me: How so?

Whether you want to be a better listener or a stronger conversationalist, the question “how so” is a great one to incorporate. Try it and you’ll see.

What else? What are some other questions you like to ask?

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