731 RSVPs for the Atlanta Startup Village

Last night’s Atlanta Startup Village at the Atlanta Tech Village had 731 RSVPs. Think about that for a second: a simple monthly event for entrepreneurs to demo their product now attracts more than 20x the number of people compared to when it started a little over two years ago. Is the startup community growing? Absolutely. Do we still have a long ways to go as a community? Absolutely.

Here are a few thoughts on the growth of Atlanta Startup Village:

  • People want to be part of a community and feel a sense of belonging to something greater than just themselves
  • Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times, creating an opportunity for events to bring people together to share some of the highs and lows
  • Entrepreneurs want to help other entrepreneurs and a large event is an efficient way for the presenters to explain what they’re doing as well as make specific requests

The Atlanta Startup Village is the largest monthly gathering of entrepreneurs in the Southeast and continues to grow every month. Entrepreneurs want community with other entrepreneurs.

What else? What are some thoughts on the growth of the Atlanta Startup Village?

6 thoughts on “731 RSVPs for the Atlanta Startup Village

  1. So who’s actually making money from this? The company organizing the event or are all of the entrepreneurs actually prospering from this event?

  2. With numbers like this, there needs to be more ways to enable entrepreneurs to connect in smaller, segmented, or specialized topics or interests both online and in-person and ATV can lead they way with input from motivated individuals.

  3. What a great turnout! Well done to all involved in the organisation of the event. Sounds similar to the Silicon Drinkabout events here in the UK.

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