Atlanta Tech Village Job Board as #1 Benefit for Startups Hiring

Earlier this week I was talking with a few entrepreneurs in the Atlanta Tech Village and I posed the question: what’s the best benefit of the being the community? Naturally, I was thinking I’d hear things about cool office space or the opportunity to work with a number of other like-minded entrepreneurs. Two entrepreneurs immediately chimed in that the best benefit was the Atlanta Tech Village Job Board. Now, in this case, they both had recently filled open positions, so hiring was top of mind, and some of their highest quality candidates came from the job board.

Here are a few thoughts on the Atlanta Tech Village Job Board as the #1 benefit for startups that are actively hiring:

  • Recruiting talented people that fit the values is the most important thing an entrepreneur does, so increasing the pool of quality applicants is invaluable
  • Costs for recruiters to place candidates can easy run 20-30% of the first-year salary, thus finding one $100k/year team member through the job board can cover the cost of office space for the whole year
  • Job boards are everywhere, thereby making it hard for startups to standout while the Village job board helps self-select people that are actively looking to work at a startup (just like SaaStr.Jobs)

Entrepreneurs in the Village would do well to list on the Atlanta Tech Village Job Board and job-seekers looking to get in with a startup would do well to browse the openings. Many startups are hiring and finding some of their best candidates through the job board.

What else? What are some other thoughts on finding candidates through a job board as a major benefit of being in a large tech entrepreneurship center?

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