Startup Positioning Template

April Dunford has an amazing post up titled A Startup Positioning Template. Effectively positioning a startup is incredibly difficult, and most entrepreneurs struggle with it. Over the years I’ve looked at dozens of Simplified One Page Strategic Plans, which has a number of positioning elements, and those are some of the most poorly-done sections.

Here’s the Startup Positioning Template:

  • What is it?
    As short as possible statement that describes what you are
  • Target Segment
    The specific target market you are targeting in the short term
  • Market Category
    The market that you compete in
  • Competitive Alternatives
    If your customers don’t use you, what do they use
  • Primary Differentiation
    The one thing that sets you apart the most from the competitive alternatives
  • Key Benefit
    The biggest benefit that your target market derives from your offering

Entrepreneurs would do well to use a methodology like the Startup Positioning Template and work through the different components. The next time the topic comes up, have everyone read A Startup Positioning Template.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the Startup Positioning Template?

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