One New Insight Per Day

Reflecting on this past week, there were so many insights and takeaways from a number of different conversations. Overall, one theme kept coming back to me: how to get one great new insight per day. Whether it’s an idea on how to do something better, a way to think about a problem, or just how the world works, there’s tremendous value in learning one new insight per day.

Here are a few ideas to find one new insight per day:

Now, every night, when your head hits the pillow, reflect back on the day, and pick out one new insight. Do this daily, and after a couple months, you’ll find yourself being more cognizant and attentive when encountering great ideas, and your own insights will improve.

What else? What are some other thoughts on one new insight per day?

3 thoughts on “One New Insight Per Day

  1. Great post, David. As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford NOT to build the same kind of routines and habits for your brain that you do for everything else in your life, personally and professionally.

  2. Great stuff, David. I am big on daily takeaways (I decided to start a blog on it) and this is very helpful. I truly feel the best way to get ahead is to learn something everyday. If you go for a long period of time without having a takeaway from anything, you’re not seeking to further yourself enough. Whether it be learning to run your business more efficiently or just bettering yourself as a person, takeaways are key to becoming better at anything!

  3. Reblogged this on Innovafrica and commented:
    There is value in reading, and blogging, and following other bloggers… I have a new goal, one insight per day.

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