Recommended Entrepreneur Books

A lightening round topic came up at today’s EO Accelerator monthly accountability group meeting about good business/entrepreneur books to read. I named a few off hand and realized I needed to have a better list available. Here’s a list of books that I own and recommend, representing about 50% of the business books that I own:

This is a pretty good list to start with. I recommend clicking through and reading about them on to learn more.

What else? What other books would you recommend?

10 thoughts on “Recommended Entrepreneur Books

  1. David —

    Great list. There are a few more I might add…

    — The Long Tail
    — Leadership and Self Deception
    — Death by Meeting
    — New Venture Creation (the bible for entrepreneurs)
    — Blink
    — Fierce Conversations

    Thanks again for the daily post…



  2. Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead are inspirational books for entrepreneurs. I also recommend Blue Ocean Strategy, The Effective Executive, Crossing the Chasm and Fooled by Randomness.

  3. “Startup” by Jerry Kaplan is an oldy (1997) but a good book – details the startup of GO corp which was the original tablet/mobile touchscreen company and how it got funded built its product and ultimately how it failed (and looking back it was just too far ahead of its time) – i loved reading it in the late 90’s crazy startup time and it is still a good book

  4. I would add to that something by Chris Anderson (like Free, or Long Tail), something by Malcolm Gladwell (like Blink, or Outliers).

    … and “The world is flat” by Thomas Freedman.

  5. Everyone loves to read other peoples success stories. It provides us with evidence that amazing things do happen to normal people. By learning what they did to succeed we come one step closer to success ourselves. Such is the case with the ten stories told in Net Entrepreneurs Only – 10 Entrepreneurs Tell the Stories of their Success by Gregory K. Ericksen and Ernst & Young.-

    See all of the most recent short article on our very own blog site

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