Atlanta Tech Village as an Accelerant

Recently I was talking to an entrepreneur at the Atlanta Tech Village and he told me how they had just found a great designer through the Village community. Then, later that same day, another entrepreneur volunteered that he had made several key connections through the Village, including signing one of his first customers. With the community, connections, and collaboration, the Village acts as an accelerant for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs meet more people faster.

Entrepreneurs sign their first customer faster.

Entrepreneurs fail faster.

Entrepreneurs find key employees faster.

Entrepreneurs learn best practices faster.

Entrepreneurs grow their business faster.

Whether it’s the Atlanta Tech Village or another entrepreneurship community, my recommendation is for entrepreneurs to find a place and get involved. It’s hard to appreciate the value until it’s experienced first-hand.

What else? What are some other thoughts on the Atlanta Tech Village as an accelerant for entrepreneurs?

2 thoughts on “Atlanta Tech Village as an Accelerant

  1. Becoming involved in a community or network of professionals is vital in the development of an entrepreneur’s career strategy. Depending on the particular field, there are several established communities for Start-Up business people. A support system offers experience, advice, and cross-advertisement or alliances, all of which are essential resources. You can also use social media as an accelerant, to connect with other business minded people, establish a reputation, and promote yourself.

    I fully agree that the success of your business depends on your level of involvement.

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