Investing in 100 Startups

One of my personal life goals is to directly invest in 100 startups. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the goal other than I enjoy helping entrepreneurs and like the thrill of building companies. To date, I’ve invested in 26 startups counting ones I’ve started. At a rate of 2-5 per year, my guess is that I’ll hit the goal in 20 years.

Here are a few thoughts about investing in 100 startups:

  • Investing money helps pay it forward for the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Continually investing in startups is a great way to stay current and learn about new trends
  • Most investments will lose money but a handful will do really well (that’s been the case so far)
  • Many of the investments will be B2B SaaS startups but it won’t be limited to just that category
  • A sub-goal is to have at least one investment go public and one be a unicorn (valued at a billion or more)

I’m excited by the prospect of investing in 100 startups and all the adventures that will come with it.

What else? What are some more thoughts on investing in 100 startups

4 thoughts on “Investing in 100 Startups

  1. Happy 4th

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  2. I love your goal of paying it forward with investing in startups. I have tried to start my own business and you cannot get anywhere because you have little experience or money. It is worthwhile sometimes to have faith in the new guy.

  3. Thanks to accelerated returns and hopefully some unicorns we would think that you’re going to hit your goal way faster than 20 years! And that 100 is not going to be enough at that point!

    Do you have a preference on the industries you invest?

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