Best Places to Work Awards

Earlier today SalesLoft won the award as the #1 place to work in Atlanta in the mid-size category by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, due to their amazing culture and alignment:

At Pardot, we made a conscious effort to be the best place to work, and worked hard to win the award (we came in first place two years in a row). Now, winning the award was nice external validation, but there were several reasons it was important:

  • As part of the award application process, all of our employees were anonymously surveyed across a number of dimensions, and we learned a ton about what employees liked and didn’t like (we applied several times and didn’t win the award, and we got better each time)
  • Making it an explicit internal goal set the tone that we were committed to building both a great culture and a great overall employee experience
  • For recruiting, we put up billboards all around town saying we’re the #1 place to work and that we’re hiring
  • Several excellent team members found us by Googling “best place to work in Atlanta”

Winning a best places to work award is great social proof for a company’s culture and helps recruit awesome people.

What else? What are some more thoughts on best places to work awards?

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