Impact Builders

Continuing with yesterday’s post on Empire Builder or Lifestyle Builder, Alok offered up a third type as a variation of the Empire Builder: the Impact Builder. Here’s how Alok describes it:

The Impact Builder wants to impact a specific issue or group and believes building a business (for profit or non profit) is the most sustainable way to drive that change. They’re not really in it for the ‘sport’ or goal of building a company but, instead, look at that process as a means to an end. Impact Builders want scale, profitability, etc. — primarily because it enables them to impact more people.

Alok is absolutely right that Impact Builders are incredibly important and make a huge difference in our society. Many entrepreneurs are Impact Builders and use their gifts and talents to help other people. The next time you think of Empire Builders and Lifestyle Builders, think of Impact Builders as well.

What else? What are some more thoughts on Impact Builders?

4 thoughts on “Impact Builders

  1. David, taking the concept of Impact Builder one step further, I believe it’s critical for these types of businesses to have a “theory of change” – or, stated as a question, ‘what do you believe is required for the change you seek to occur?’

    Then, show how the business fits along that theory of change. It may be a step along a path or it could be a wholesale disruption. Regardless, in my opinion, it’s important that Impact founders have an informed view of how they believe sustainable change will happen and where they fit in that broader puzzle.

    The dangerous trap for Impact Builders is that you’re often applauded for action. Many will say, “it’s great that you helped those four kids go to college.” Almost no one will say, “you could have helped ten if you were more efficient and adjusted your strategy.”

  2. David, I have a client looking for their first real office space outside of an executive suite, and wonder if your concept could be an alternative. Can we discuss at your convenience?

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