Rigor and Zoompf Unite

Yesterday Rigor announced their acquisition of Zoompf combining a leading web performance monitoring system with a great performance improvement system (disclosure: I’m an investor in Rigor). Now, Alan Patricof says “never trade your cat for somebody else’s dog” (source), but there are times where combining two complementary startups makes sense, and this is one of those times.

Here’s the quick explanation of each company:

  • Rigor – Cloud-based software the runs real web browsers from a variety of geographic locations to ensure that critical paths work correctly in SaaS products, verifies buyers can complete the checkout process on ecommerce sites, and continuously tests the speed of media sites.
  • Zoompf – Cloud-based software that analyzes web performance and provides prescriptions and solutions to improve performance bottlenecks (e.g. ways to tune the server, optimized images, etc.)

So, Rigor is constantly monitoring critical web apps (including mobile app end-points) and Zoompf takes performance issues and provides solutions to fix them — a great combination.

Read more about the acquisition on the Rigor blog.

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