Quiet Mode Before Launching

For years we’ve heard the saying that stealth mode is bad and entrepreneurs should talk about their concept. The idea is that no matter how much an entrepreneur thinks they know what the market wants, they have to get out of the building and talk to customers. Instead of stealth mode, I recommend “quiet mode” for entrepreneurs whereby they focus on getting 10 customers and making them super happy before “launching” their company.

Here are a few thoughts on quiet mode before launching:

  • Quiet mode is focused on making a small handful of customers happy and not trying to do everything else that’s eventually needed to make a startup successful (it really focuses everything on the customer)
  • Achieving the goal of having 10 super happy customers will help the entrepreneur decide if the business is even worth continuing — if you can’t get 10 happy customers with a product, pivot to a new idea
  • Having happy customers at launch will provide for much better social proof, messaging, and belief that the company will be successful
  • If the first launch doesn’t succeed (media doesn’t pick up the story, little-to-no buzz, etc.) then sign 10 more customers and launch again (there’s no limit to the number of times a new startup can launch)

Most entrepreneurs just getting started would do well to operate in quiet mode and just focus on the customer. Too much time is spent trying to launch startups without substance.

What else? What are some more thoughts on quiet mode instead of stealth mode?

2 thoughts on “Quiet Mode Before Launching

  1. I totally agree with you. That’ all it takes 10 happy customers or followers.
    For a lesson in History some 2015 years ago, as the chosen Bible story tells, we just have to look at Global success of Christianity and what Jesus has achieved with 12 customers. His followers were 11 happy leaders and some chosen women to happy to wash their feet and one greedy Judas who sold Jesus for 30 Silver Coins and later on went into the woods to hang him self.
    In Hong Kong I’m starting my new creation and product launch of Biosphere-Gold Home Unit No 1. with only SIX-CHINESE Key Founding Members and it will become Global Success.

  2. I have always thought that the crash of the dot-com era was largely due to spending so much before the companies they invested in ”proved themselves.”

    It is rare for a start-up to maintain the exact vision of the owners. Most companies find out who they are as they go along.

    Going into Quiet Mode is a great practice for new start-ups and any new biz owner.

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