Personal Development Plan

With the new year almost here, it’s a good time to make an updated personal development plan. A personal development plan is a simple way to define what you’d like to do on a regular basis across personal, family, professional, and community categories.

Here are some example categories and items for a 3 Year Personal Development Plan:

  • Personal
    Workout 2x per week
    Meditate 2x per week
    20 tennis matches per year
    10 rounds of golf per year
    2 cool sporting events per year
    Financial savings (size defined for each year)
  • Family
    Spouse date night every week
    Dinner as a family 5x per week
    Quarterly week-long vacation
  • Professional
    Company size (size defined for each year)
    Read one book per month
    1 workshop/learning event per quarter
    2 conferences per year
    6 trips per year
  • Community
    Donate $X per year
    2 non-profit boards
    Volunteer X hours per month

This format provides structure and personal accountability that is fairly broad while well defined. If you don’t have a personal development plan, I’d recommend making one using this format.

What else? What are some more thoughts on a personal development plan?

3 thoughts on “Personal Development Plan

  1. Your Personal Development list for 2016 and three years in planning is great and for many a distant dream. Lucky few that can afford suggested time off to have 6 trip per year.
    I fly every 2-3 weeks somewhere in the world and it’s not fun at all.
    As for the game of golf I’d rather sit and watch them play in the rain, it’s more fun.
    As for the game of tennis I will rather leave that to my friends Novak Jokovic and Dusan Lajovic and I’m much happier to do my 2,000 sit up every second day in the Gym and be content with that.
    As for meditating I was doing TM for two years and took me off course and off my focus for achieving my target ON TIME. What I’m trying to say here is “Each to his own”. Wishing you and all the Members of LinkedIn who read my message and who have not a Happy New Year and may this 2016 year be the best of your life, ever.

  2. This is definitely the ‘fun’ part of goal setting, but I’d be interested to hear your system for sticking with it through the year. Do you check on this periodically? Are you tracking all of these things? Do you set priorities?

  3. Very interesting goals. I have similar goals for family, health and professional. I also intend to increase my contribution to the foundation I setup for needy students.
    @ Kevin I review my goals on quarterly basis to enable me adjust my strategies.

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