Example Simplified One Page Strategic Plan

Clay brought up a great point that with all this talk about the Simplified One Page Strategic Plan, it’d be great to see an example.

Here’s an example Simplified One Page Strategic Plan for the Atlanta Tech Village.


  • To support and inspire Atlanta entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that promotes faster connections between talent, ideas and capital.

Core Values


  • Ambitious Atlanta-based tech entrepreneurs with 1 – 25 employees

Brand Promise

  • The Atlanta Tech Village increases an entrepreneur’s chance of success.

Elevator Pitch

  • The Atlanta Tech Village is a community of innovation powered by a 103,000 square foot building. The Village is designed for technology and technology-related companies that have a unique set of needs in their quest to change the world. Your workspace should be more than just a desk and a place to hang your hat — it should bring the community together, promote serendipitous interactions, and be a powerful tool for recruiting the best talent.

3 Year Target

  • Create 1,000 new high tech jobs by way of startups housed or previously housed at the Atlanta Tech Village

Annual Goals

  • Jobs Created
  • Recognized Revenue
  • Net Operating Income
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (NPS)

Quarterly Goals

  • Renewal Rate
  • Member Revenue
  • Event Revenue
  • Parking Revenue

Quarterly Priority Projects

  • Install new parking deck lighting
  • Install rooftop patio shading system
  • Launch a new event series

For the annual and quarterly goals, there would be a table with four columns: goal name, start value (e.g. $0), current value (e.g. $150,000), and target value (e.g. $1,000,000) as every goal should be SMART. Everything else should be pretty straightforward.

The Simplified One Page Strategic Plan is my favorite business worksheet as it brings together vision, accountability, and alignment at the highest level for everyone in the company. I’d highly recommend it (Google Doc Template).

What else? What are some more thoughts on this example simplified one page strategic plan?

One thought on “Example Simplified One Page Strategic Plan

  1. This is very helpful!! I have been struggling with the original version and couldn’t find anything suitable. I think yours make the best.

    Can I suggest to add the strengths and trends? Reminding that would reinforce the strategy and day to day thinking. What do you say?

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